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There's going to be a new management that controls Michael's life, and you'll see Michael have to go on even more dangerous missions under this new management with the new operative. and that gives my character great ammunition to kind of fight with.

SF: I really enjoyed seeing Tim Matheson and you play off each other, and I'm wondering will we see Larry again? He's a terrific character and Tim's such a wonderful man and an extraordinary actor.

One, we were lucky to get him, and two, he's actually happy to be on the show and wants to continually come back.

He'll be directing season four's premiere and also, he'll return as Larry at some point in the season.

She is his explosives expert and doesn't mind blowing things up first and asking questions later.

And by the end of the show, Michael is actually transported out of Miami, but I can't tell you where, but it's a bit of a cliffhanger.

SF: Are you happy with where you guys have ended up with your characters and where would you like to see them go in the future?

JD: I know from talking with all the other cast mates, we're very happy with where it's going.

I met with the writers last week and we kind of broke down the next eight or nine episode ark. I don't know the name yet, but he is going to be a young operative, but he's going to play a significant new role on the show.

Then there is actually going to be a change of management.

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SF: We're seeing how Michael is and how the group is without the big overall mystery of who burnt Michael Westen, and who's doing this; is there going to be a return of management anytime soon?

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